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K Bros ® jewellers Albion Clock Hospital is a trademarked 2nd generation specalist business and was established over 20 years ago by Zsolt and Fiona Kovacs.
It has a reputation for beautiful handcrafted jewellery pieces being made by hand by Zsolt Kovacs in house at his Albion workshop.

Zsolt Kovacs, is a Master Jeweller and Clockmaker/Artisan that has worked in the Jewellery and Antiques industry for well over 3 decades.

K bros ® jewellers Albion Clock Hospital also is well known for its mechanical timepieces and it's in-house clock workshop direct to the public.

Zsolt has carried out servicing and repairs to such time pieces like the 'Brisbane Golf Club House Clock' and the 'Brisbane City Council Chambers Wall Clock.' Just to name a few.

Zsolt's unique business forms part of a heritage listed set of buildings from the 1930's.
The site has history that dates back to c.1899, being described as 'Albion hill'.
The site also at one point was a dentist. Mr Henry Goldfinch working from the late 1930's and during the 2nd world war.

It is located in the North Brisbane suburb of Albion QLD 4010.

Zsolt & Fiona Kovacs own and solely operate this business/property and this is the only location we operate our specialist business from.
'A great "Kovacs ®" small business husband and wife duo'

Please note.

K Bros ® Jewellers Albion Clock Hospital business is on hold.

Our business is not offering the following until further notice.
No sales or servicing to clocks or watches.
No manufacturing or sales or repairs to jewellery.

We appologise for the inconvenience and will update our site in due course.

We can be contacted on the following email address
Kovacsjewellers@hotmail.com for further enquiries.

Warm regards
Fiona and Zsolt Kovacs.

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K Brothers ® Jewellers
  Our Location
  Albion Clock Hospital
  • Design and manufacture of handmade jewellery (Appointment Only).

  • Engagement and wedding rings made to order.

  • Jewellery repairs and remodelling.

  • Bead Restringing, Engraving, Stone replacement and repolishing.

  • Gold plating, rhodium plating and sympathetic finishes.

  • Jewellery insurance valuations.

  • Graduation rings, school rings.


  • We Buy and Sell all types of jewellery / clocks / watches
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  • Watch service to mechanical and quartz watches.

  • Watch Glass / stem / crown replacement.

  • Dial restoration, band repining, repair, leather band replacement/clasp etc.

  • Battery replacement, case restoration.

  • Gold, Silver or Rhodium Case Plating.

  • Pressure testing and seal replacement.

  • Mechanical clock service and overhaul

  • Clock Quartz clock repair.

  • Clock Glass replacement, case restoration and repair.

  • Clock Dial restoration.

  • Clock and Watch Valuations.
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