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At K Bros Jewellers, individually handcrafted designs, contempory or traditional are created to your specification.

We take the time to listen to our valued customers and ensure that every piece we are commissioned to make is a flawless recreation of the customers design.

Our on site jewellers specialise in the manufacture of unique pieces created for each individual customer with no designs ever reproduced. Whether you have loose stones or you would like us to supply the perfect stone, our experienced jewellers can create an exquisite piece for you. We also specialize in restoration of estate and antique jewellery.

Our specialist jewellery services include
  • Design and manufacture of handmade jewellery in all carats of gold, platinum, and silver.

  • Engagement and wedding rings made to order.

  • All types of repairs, claw re-tipping, ring resizing, chain link repair, clasp replacement.

  • Stone replacement and repolishing.

  • Bead Restringing - pearl/bead necklace restringing - Including clasp repair and replacement if required.

  • Gold plating, rhodium plating and sympathetic finishes.

  • Engraving - Special messages, dates, intricate or personilised designs or patterns.

  • Jewellery insurance valuations.

  • Remodeling - Recreation from old or unwanted jewellery.


As well as having an extensive range of vintage watches for sale, we also offer a complete repair and restoration service for your precious timepiece. Whether it be a modern wristwatch or an antique pocket watch, we can provide the necessary repairs to ensure you are keeping perfect time.

Our Specialist Watch services include
  • Complete service to mechanical and quartz watches.

  • Glass replacement.

  • Watch stem/crown replacement.

  • Dial restoration.

  • Band repining, repair, leather band replacement/clasp etc.

  • Battery replacement.

  • Case restoration eg soldering.

  • Gold, Silver or Rhodium Case Plating.

  • Pressure testing and seal replacement.

  • Valuations.


Clocks are often described as the heart of the house. They are not only a beautiful piece of furniture but an instrument of time which provides the heart beat to a home. As modern society trend more to electronic clocks the older style wind up timepieces are becoming harder to come by. This is steadily increasing their value making them a smart investment choice.

Whether you have an old clock already or you have decided to invest in one it is essential to regularly maintain it. It can be very frustrating if it is not keeping correct time and this can be caused by a number of reasons. To diagnose what is wrong with your clock we will initially establish what sort of mechanism it has. There are two main types of mechanisms a clock can have and once determined we can give you an estimated price and turnaround time to repair your clock .

Services Available
  • Complete Mechanical clock service and overhaul.

  • Quartz clock replacement.

  • Glass replacement .

  • Case restoration and repair.

  • Dial restoration.

  • Valuations.

  • Delivery for larger clocks. For grandfather clocks the movement can be removed from the case and repaired then installed back into the case. We also offer a pickup and delivery service around Brisbane for a small charge. This can be very important in preventing damage when moving an antique clock. Please ring or email us for further details.

Our Request Book

If you have a specific make or model of watch or clock that you are interesting in purchasing, just let us know by using our CONTACT FORM and Select the Option for "Add me to your Request Book".

Then if the item becomes available, we will phone you with all the details about that piece, and give you a no obligation opportunity to purchase.

If you do use our contact form, please provide as much detailed information about the item and the condition that you are interested in.

We can not make any guarantees that the item will found, but we will endeavour to do our best.

School / Graduation / Achievement Rings

kbros school ring We provide beautiful shield pendants and college rings to a number of schools around Brisbane and we would be happy to provide you with a unique piece of jewellery to symbolize your achievement.

Are you Looking to Buy

Our customers come to us far and wide, including interstate and even overseas, so we take pride in the quality, integrity and honesty we have provided to our clients over the years in our jewellery repair services.

A watch reflects a persons style and attitude and vintage watches are for those who seek quality, craftsmanship and class.


K Brothers ® Jewellers
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  • Design and manufacture of handmade jewellery (Appointment Only).

  • Engagement and wedding rings made to order.

  • Jewellery repairs and remodelling.

  • Bead Restringing, Engraving, Stone replacement and repolishing.

  • Gold plating, rhodium plating and sympathetic finishes.

  • Jewellery insurance valuations.

  • Graduation rings, school rings.


  • We Buy and Sell all types of jewellery / clocks / watches
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  • Watch service to mechanical and quartz watches.

  • Watch Glass / stem / crown replacement.

  • Dial restoration, band repining, repair, leather band replacement/clasp etc.

  • Battery replacement, case restoration.

  • Gold, Silver or Rhodium Case Plating.

  • Pressure testing and seal replacement.

  • Mechanical clock service and overhaul

  • Clock Quartz clock repair.

  • Clock Glass replacement, case restoration and repair.

  • Clock Dial restoration.

  • Clock and Watch Valuations.
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